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Installing a veranda is soaring in popularity among UK homeowners. These modern undercover seating areas are functional, glamorous, and offer so many new ways for you to enjoy your garden. If you want to know what all the fuss is about with these contemporary garden rooms, let’s explore the top 10 benefits of having a veranda in your home to help you decide if it’s the right investment for you!

Provides an undercover entertainment area

One of the main benefits of having a veranda in your home is that it can provide an undercover entertainment area for you and your family and friends.

Having sheltered seating and access to shade are two of the best ways to improve your garden – and a veranda offers both these things. They can make your outdoor living space more sociable and useable, even when the weather is not great.

Plus, on those rare sunny days, you’ll have a shaded space for your kids (or pets) to play outside without the exposure to direct sunlight.

Adds an extra room

Installing a glass or polycarbonate veranda with sides can feel more like an extra room than an outdoor living space. You can use it for sitting, dining, reading, socialising, and even working if you’re are able to work from home.

Since you can get sliding doors and a retractable roof with a veranda, the enclosure can feel cosy and intimate when closed. Depending on your preferences, you can choose transparent walls, like glass, or something more private, like opaque polycarbonate.

At Fleming Verandas, we offer glass structures or three types of high-quality polycarbonate walls (with 16mm triple wall profiles). With our polycarbonate, you can choose between clear (which looks like glass), bronze (which is shaded but still transparent), and opal (which is opaque white).

Offers a contemporary aesthetic

Unlike a conservatory, which is often more expensive and can look dated, a veranda adds a more contemporary aesthetic to a garden.

The transparent walls from floor to ceiling can maximise natural light and give the illusion of space.

At Fleming Verandas, our designs are bespoke and fully customisable, so you can make your veranda look as stylish and high-tech as you like. For example, you can choose to install LED lights, wall-mounted heaters, retractable blinds and composite decking solutions.

Enables outside & inside sitting

Verandas with sliding doors and retractable roofs provide a universal solution. No matter the weather, you can comfortably enjoy sitting outside or inside.

With the sides closed, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the garden. On warm days, you can open it up and enjoy the fresh air and heat from the sun. Plus, just like any other garden room, your furniture, sofas, plants, and tables will be protected from the wind and rain.

Provides extra storage space

Any homeowner knows you can never have too much storage space!

Since a glass or polycarbonate veranda with sides can be used as an extra room, you’ll have more space to store your garden chests and muddy trainers. You’ll also have room to keep things like gardening tools or outdoor furniture protected from bad weather. You can even move your BBQ inside when it’s not in use!

Adds value to a property

By choosing a durable, high-quality veranda from Fleming Verandas, you can potentially add value to your property. Experts say that an outdoor entertainment space that’s designed as an additional room can increase a property’s value by up to 10% in UK homes (source). Plus, since they add a pleasing aesthetic to a garden, you can also give your property a boost in desirability with a veranda – which can lead to a quicker sale!

Provides a quicker home extension

Since a glass or polycarbonate veranda can add another ‘room’ to your home, it’s a much quicker (and cheaper!) way of extending. At Fleming Verandas, we can install a veranda in as little as 1-3 days, dependant on stock availability and installer timings. With a rear home extension, you can expect it to take at least 3-6 months from start to finish (source).

Protects outdoor furniture

Wooden tables and rattan furniture look gorgeous in the garden. But constant UV rays in summer and severe rainfall (which sadly happens all year round in the UK!) can cause damage or fading. Instead of applying sealants or installing covers (which takes a lot of effort), a veranda with a retractable roof can effortlessly protect your furniture in all year round.

Brings you closer to nature

Another benefit of having a glass room veranda in your home is that it creates easy access to natural light and the greenery of your garden.

Through the enclosure, you can feel closer to nature without having to step foot outside. This is particularly ideal if you or your family have to limit outdoor exposure during hay fever season.

Plus, with unobstructed views of the garden from ‘inside’ the house, you can comfortably enjoy activities like bird watching in spring and evening stargazing in summer.

Let’s you enjoy better BBQs

If you live in the UK, you’ve almost certainly experienced a BBQ gone wrong! Last-minute weather changes are always likely, and there’s nothing worse than having to rush your guests and their dinner plates inside when the heavens open. Having a veranda with sliding doors and a retractable roof means you can enjoy peace of mind during BBQ season. In a few quick movements, the party can move inside, while staying outside!


Having a veranda in your home is a great way to give your garden more ‘oomph’. They can offer more enjoyment at home by bringing you closer to nature and helping you get the most out of your outdoor space so you can enjoy it with your family and friends.

At Fleming Verandas, we offer luxurious glass or polycarbonate verandas and awnings to suit any budget. We pride ourselves on our expert customer service and high-quality designs to offer you the best of the best across the UK.

To learn more about how much a veranda costs to install in your home, explore our range of products now. Or simply get in touch today to book a free design consultation with one of our friendly experts.

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