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Fleming Verandas – Glass Rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

When considering an outdoor living space for your home, there are many factors to consider. From a gazebo to a conservatory, a patio or a deck, each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re interested in an outdoor space that combines functionality, style, and versatility, a polycarbonate or glass garden veranda may be the best choice for your home. Not only do they have a contemporary aesthetic certain to impress family and friends, but they also have numerous practical benefits. Here are just a few benefits a veranda can bring to your home:

1 – A cost-effective outdoor living solution

Glass rooms and garden verandas have proven a cost-effective means of creating a luxurious outdoor living area for property. In terms of material and labour costs, they are considerably cheaper than the more traditional conservatory and extension, and far quicker to complete, requiring a span of several days, rather than months. Manufactured using high-quality powder-coated aluminium in the frames, and either 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate or an 8.8mm laminate glass for the roofing systems, our range of outdoor living spaces are low maintenance and guaranteed to last, with no need to concern yourself over frequent repairs or replacement parts.

Verandas have also proven effective in reducing your household bills, increasing its energy efficiency by lowering its overall energy consumption. They offer shade and protection from the direct sunlight, reducing your cooling needs in summer, while also acting as an effective windbreak and trapping the warm air during winter. A polycarbonate or glass veranda will help you maintain a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature, and cut your energy costs across the long-term.

2 – An all-weather solution

Glass verandas and polycarbonate canopies are proven and reliable all-weather solutions that offer high-quality protection from the unpredictable UK weather. Whether it is shelter and shade during the height of summer, protection from the wind and rain, our outdoor living solutions protect you and your garden furniture year-round from the elements, allowing you to relax in peace, and simply enjoy the benefits of being outside.

3 – Versatile structures, straightforward installations

Verandas are among the most straightforward structures to install, whether a freestanding or a lean-to option. A lean-to is attached to your property by a wall-plate, with silicone to make it water-tight, and requires no additional support structures as the weight is spread evenly between the wall-plate and the posts. A sturdy structure, a lean-to polycarbonate or glass veranda is a space-saving design that lets you maximise your outdoor living without compromising too much of your garden. Similar to the lean-to, a freestanding veranda is a sturdy structure, with a reinforced frame and posts and a number of variants, including apex, mono-pitch, and louvred roof systems, they are guaranteed to add elegance to your outdoor area. Our verandas also come in variety of standard and custom RAL colours.

A polycarbonate or glass garden veranda offers greater versatility and flexibility when compared to a traditional conservatory or an extension.  Where conservatories and extensions must be completed in one go, a veranda’s flexible, modular design allows you to stage its construction, providing you the opportunity to erect a canopy first, then enclose it at a later date should you choose. This versatility allows you to experience the seasons under your veranda roof, and determine whether you would prefer an enclosed garden room, whether glass or polycarbonate. Replete with a range of options to customise your outdoor space, you can truly create a structure perfectly suited to your needs.

4 – Raises property values

Investing in a garden veranda is investing in your property. Outdoor living spaces have become more popular among buyers, as have their many benefits. Aside from increasing the overall square footage of your property, a stylish, well-designed polycarbonate or glass veranda will enhance your garden’s aesthetic, and your home’s architectural appeal.  A veranda is an attractive feature that will help your home stand apart from similar properties on the market, and is certain to generate interest with any potential buyer. Recent research has shown that the addition of a glass room or veranda can increase a property’s overall value by as much as 10%, making it a wise investment for the future.

5 – Indoor/Outdoor Connectivity

One of the major benefits of a veranda is the way it can connect indoor and outdoor living spaces. A veranda encourages you to spend more time outdoors, while providing the comfort and convenience of an indoor space. Whether you want to enclose it for year-round use, or keep it as an open concept space ideal for the summer months, a veranda will extend your overall living space, and will create a seamless transition between the outdoors and indoors perfect for relaxing under in the summer sun, for entertaining your family and friends, dining al fresco, or even your morning coffee.

In conclusion, enhancing your outdoor living space with a glass room, or a veranda is a wise decision that offers many benefits. With easy installation, great versatility and space-saving designs, a garden veranda will increase your home’s value, protect you in from the unpredictable UK weather and even reduce your household energy costs. If you are looking to enhance your property with a veranda, get in touch today and request a free quotation by clicking here.

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