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Fleming Verandas – Glass Rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

Verandas and awnings serve an efficient, cost-effective, and elegant means of extending your living space into the outdoors. At Fleming’s, our range of glass and polycarbonate verandas and our range of Weinor awnings benefit from intelligent design and use of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and an elegant aesthetic. However, over time, exposure to the elements can lead to dirt, dust, and grime accumulating on the surfaces, diminishing their aesthetic appeal. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to clean your veranda and awning effectively,

You’ll need a few tools and materials to get started:

  1. A broom or a brush.
  2. Mild detergent or specialised fabric cleaner.
  3. A bucket.
  4. A soft-bristle brush or sponge.
  5. Garden hose or pressure washer.
  6. A stepladder or stool.
  7. Extension pole.
  8. Microfibre cloth or soft towel.

The first step is to ensure the area is cleared of any potential obstructions. Remove any potted plants, outdoor furniture, or additional decorations from your outdoor area. Keep a step ladder nearby, but out of the way. This ensures you have easy access to all areas, including those you may not quite be able to reach, and prevents any accidental damage to your belongings during the cleaning process.

Make sure you sweep away any debris before starting to clean. Leaves, twigs, and dirt may be blown into your outdoor space, or onto your shading solution. These all need to be cleared away before you can start cleaning. Always be sure to check the corners and crevices where dirt can easily accumulate. A good example of this is the tracks for the Liguria sliding glass doors on our garden verandas. A specialised soft-bristle brush can be purchased online or from local shops, and when combined with some cleaning solution, can make this part of the process far easier!

Next, check the corners and ceiling of your veranda or awning for any cobwebs or dust that may have accrued between cleanings. Few things are more irritating when relaxing than spying an errant cobweb! Use a soft-bristle brush or a duster on an extension pole, or with your stepladder, to reach into the difficult areas. This not only enhances the appearance of your space but also prevents dirt from cascading down onto your freshly cleaned surfaces later.

Then, Mix a solution of mild detergent with water in a bucket. Alternatively, you can use a specialized awning cleaner if your awning requires more targeted care. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for any cleaning product you choose.

With that done, dip a soft-bristle brush or sponge into the cleaning solution and gently scrub the aluminium, glass, and polycarbonate clear of any remaining dirt or marks. For the awning fabric, use a sponge or soft brush to apply the cleaning solution gently and evenly and pay close attention to stained or heavily soiled areas, and any nooks and crannies. Be sure you’re not too heavy-handed when cleaning the fabric.

After scrubbing the glass or polycarbonate for your veranda, rinse thoroughly with a garden hose or a pressure washer. Ensure when rinsing, you keep the garden hose or pressure washer on the low setting and avoid the wall-plate section of your veranda. Too much water pressure can wash away the silicone seal applied by our team to keep your veranda watertight, and result in leaks. In the case of awnings, we do not advise using a hose or pressure washer, but simply cleaning it with the sponge and detergent solution prepared earlier.

The final step is allowing your outdoor living solution to air-dry naturally. If time is a factor, then we suggest using a microfibre cloth or soft towel to remove the excess moisture by patting the surfaces dry gently.

Though our systems are powder-coated aluminium, and treated to be weather-resistant, you may still notice the odd scuff mark, or a patch of discolouration. This is nothing to worry about, as we can supply you with either a RAL-matched touch up pen, or a spray can, to help maintain your veranda’s aesthetic. All you need to do is let us know, send us a few photos of the area in question, and we can have the solution shipped straight to your address. From there, application is as easy as 1,2,3!

With regular cleaning and maintenance, your garden veranda or Weinor awning’s visual appeal will be enhanced, and their lifespan may even be prolonged. By carefully following these simple suggestions, you can ensure your outdoor space remains a pristine haven to escape the daily stresses, and remains enjoyable year-round. So gear up, and let the revitalization begin.

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