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Fleming Verandas – Glass Rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

When it comes to choosing your roofing option for your new veranda or glass room, you need to make sure you get it right. If its high-end aesthetics then glass maybe the choice or if shading and pricing is your concern, then perhaps our range of high-end polycarbonate options.

Polycarbonate is a lightweight and extremely durable alternative to glass. The main benefit is in its competitive pricing. Significantly cheaper than laminate safety glass, it offers a high-quality solution for those on a tighter budget, that is stronger than glass and does not significantly compromise the veranda’s elegant aesthetic. Our polycarbonate is 16mm triple wall, with three sheets of reinforced plastic that provides enhanced protection in adverse or extreme weather conditions, and against any object that might strike it forcefully during inclement weather. There are three options, allowing you to prioritise natural light, or privacy, or strike a balance between the two. Those options are ultra-clear, bronze, and opal.

Ultra-clear is the closest comparable product to the 8.8mm laminate safety glass used in our veranda roofs, and the toughened glass used in both our Liguria sliding doors and glass side walls. It allows the most natural light to enter the veranda, and any adjoining rooms if the structure is wall-mounted to your house, arguably establishing it as the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing choice after glass. It complements bifold doors extremely well. However, this clarity does not offer much privacy from neighbours, nor much protection from the sun’s glare during the height of summer, and the bonding lines are at their most visible with this option.

Our bronze is the perfect balancing option between ultra-clear and opal. As our translucent option, it allows natural light into the veranda whilst offering a greater level of protection from the sun’s glare. This is the perfect solution for those in south-facing gardens, where this issue can prevent you from maximising your garden during the fine weather. As with the ultra-clear option, the bonding lines are visible, and may detract from the overall aesthetic of the structure.


Much like bronze, opal offers increased protection from the sun’s glare. It offers the greatest level of privacy, allowing you to relax and enjoy any time of day without the prying eyes of nosy Neighbours. As it is opaque, it allows some natural light into the living space, ensuring that it is well lit during the daytime and the dusk.

Polycarbonate does have its disadvantages when compared with glass. While it can be transparent, offering excellent optical clarity, it does not possess the same clarity that glass does. Polycarbonate is more prone to weathering than the glass, becoming opaquer as time goes on, meaning it should be changed more frequently, and regular cleaning is advised to prolong shelf-life.


Glass is our premium product and is certainly the stronger preference among our customers. It is aesthetically pleasing, granting you a flawless view of your garden while maximizing the natural light allowed into the veranda. We also offer sand-blasted glass, which provides a greater level of privacy without any compromise of natural light. We use only the finest quality glass, 8.8mm laminate safety glass in all veranda roofs, and toughened glass in our glass side walls and Liguria sliding doors. However, glass is the more expensive product, and it requires more regular cleaning to maintain its optical clarity.

If you think a polycarbonate or glass structure might enhance your garden, get in touch today.

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