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Fleming Verandas – Glass rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

The more accurate you can measure your home for us, the better the quote our experts can put together for you, so getting the right dimensions is critical. But don’t worry, we’ve put together an easy guide to help you get it right the first time.

1. Figure out the height

Paul checking height
How tall do you want your veranda to be? Find the place on the wall where you want your veranda to project from and place your tape measure there. Measure down to the ground from this point. (Top tip: you can place your thumb on the tape measure, halfway down the wall, to hold it in place).

Make sure when you take your measurement, that it’s in CM.

2.Figure out the width

Paul checking width
Now it’s time for the width. Find where you’d like for your veranda to start and place your tape measure down there. Run your tape measure across until you find where you want your veranda to stop. Take note of the measurement and ensure it’s in CMs.

3.Figure out the depth

Paul checking depth
Once again, for the depth, this measurement is entirely up to you. Start by placing your tape measure at the wall and extend it out as far as you’d like your veranda to go. Note down your measurements in CMs. (Top tip: place down or string on the floor that matches your width and depth, take a walk around the space and see if you feel comfortable in this size).

4.Take note of obstructions

Paul checking obstructions
This step is important and will help us to calculate what kind of work will have to do on the day of installation. Any form of obstruction should be noted. This can range from drain pipes, to electrical wires and coverings all the way to hanging baskets. Anything that falls within the space your veranda will be is important for us to know.

Keep an eye out for any drains/manhole covers on the ground. If the veranda will go over your patio doors, let us know if the doors open outward. Make sure to describe accurately the ground the veranda will sit in, this will help us determine whether the legs will be bolted in or concreted in.

5.Take photos of your space

Paul taking photos
Last but not least, make sure to take plenty of photos of your space. You can even take photos of the obstructions we noted in the last step. Anything you feel will be helpful for us to know or see is important for you to share. Most important of all, make sure to get a picture of the wall and floor the veranda will be sitting in.

And that’s it. In five easy steps you’ve given our experts everything they need to put together an accurate quote for you. After sending off these details to our team, we’ll put together your quote and get it out to your email. We’ll also make sure to give you a call and talk you through different product options, so that we can find the product and the price of your choice.

Of course, if you’d like for us to come out and see you in person, you’re welcome to book a free home design visit here.

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