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Sometimes things happen and you may need to cancel

Circumstances change, and people have to adjust. We understand that, and we respect the right of our customers to cancel their order. However, due to the material cost, the bespoke nature of the product, and the fact we may have already begun fabricating your order, cancelling can be costly and complex. That’s why our team does everything in their power to make sure you are fully informed and are completely happy with your decision before you buy anything from us.

However, should you still choose to cancel your order, we’ve put together some information that you’ll need to know so you can understand your rights under our terms and conditions.

Looking to find out more?

Our terms of business, including cancellation policies and notice periods, are clearly outlined on our Terms and Conditions webpage. These are regularly reviewed to ensure full compliance with new and existing standards and statutes. A digital copy of our full Terms and Conditions is issued with every quotation and invoice provided by Fleming Verandas.

Cancelling your order:

If you wish to cancel your order with us, you must notify us as soon as you can within 24 hours of placing the order with us. Notice must be given in writing by emailing our team at [email protected]
As standard, we do not accept cancellations or provide refunds unless cancelled within 24 hours of placing your order. Manufacture on all orders commences within 48 hours of the instruction to proceed, and cancellation after this time may mean we cannot refund your order.
Any deposits placed for bespoke products are non-refundable. Bespoke products are any product that is designed and manufactured specifically for your project, meaning they cannot be used for any other project.
Fleming Verandas reserves the right to pursue any losses or expenses incurred that may arise from the cancellation of your order. This includes full or partial cancellation of an order, and covers any adjusted or amended orders.
We are committed to ensuring each customer has the best possible experience working with Fleming Verandas, and that is why endeavour to ensure you are fully informed and are completely happy with your decision before any commitment is made.

Changing your order:

If you wish to adjust or amend your order in any fashion, you must notify us as soon as possible by email or by telephone. We may ask you to submit a written request via email for any changes you decide to make.
Not all adjustments or amendments are feasible. Your project manager will advise you on the feasibility of any potential adjustments or amendments, before you make any financial commitment towards them. It is always best to consult them when considering any adjustments or amendments.
If you have approved the CAD drawing for a bespoke order, and manufacture has begun, we may not be able to adjust or amend the order per your request, and your deposit will not be refundable should you choose to cancel.
Any adjustments or amendments that are not covered under the scope of the original invoice will be invoiced separately, and will need to be paid in full once the invoice has been issued. This does not affect balancing payment due for the original invoice.
Once the additional invoice has been paid, fabrication will commence within 48 hours. Once fabrication has commenced, it may not be possible to make further amendments or substitutions. We aim to deliver all materials together, however, we may need to make separate deliveries, depending on the circumstances at the time.