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Fleming Verandas – Glass rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

There’s no better way to enjoy a sunny weekend than by relaxing in your garden. Just thinking about summer days, with the kids playing on the lawn and you relaxing on the patio, can make you wonder how you can make your garden the most fun, peaceful and beautiful place to spend this summer. If you need inspiration, here’s our list of the ten best ways to improve your garden this summer; from cheap, quick hacks to elegant renovations!

An undercover outdoor seating area in a garden with a veranda and rattan furniture

1. Tidy Up

Firstly, to make your garden look nice again, you need to start with the simple things. During winter, it’s easy for our outdoor living spaces to get a little windswept and out of control. But a quick tidy up can go a long way in making your garden look fresh and new again.

As the warm weather approaches, now is the perfect time to get outside and get tidying. Just spending a few weekends mowing the lawn, pruning the shrubs, de-weeding the paths, and jet washing the patio can quickly rejuvenate your space.

2. Plant Flowers

It’s pretty well known that a splash of colour can make a garden go from drab to fab! And the best way to achieve this naturally is to plant bright flowers. If you have space between your shrubs, planting a few bulbs in the ground (or in pots on your patio) during spring will be well worth it come summer. 

Flowers like daffodils, tulips or daisies are perfect choices for most UK gardens and can really make your space pop. Plus, they’ll invite the local bees and butterflies to stop by, which is great for the environment and fun for the kids!

3. Repaint Fences & Sheds

Sheds and fences take up a surprisingly large amount of eye space. If your wooden structures have started to fade, a lick of paint can easily transform the entire garden and make it appear more modern. While orange cedar is traditional for fences in the UK, experts (source) recommend choosing a colour that matches or compliments the exterior of your home. 

For example, if you have a red roof, consider painting the fences a similar red hue. Or, if you have a black roof or grey windows, choosing black or grey paint can create the perfect combination.

4. Scatter Solar Lights

Instead of getting power in your garden, installing solar lights is a quick and easy way to brighten your space. Plus, they add a different kind of aesthetic than floodlights do. They provide just enough light to see clearly and can give your garden a charming glow on summer nights. Usually, the best place for solar lights is either along your veranda’s roof (using string lights) or in your flowerbeds (using small lanterns).

One of the best things about solar lights is that they are typically dim enough that they don’t disrupt the local wildlife at night, but bright enough to provide a warm glow when you’re relaxing on the patio. It’s a win-win!

5. Welcome the Local Wildlife

With less greenery and more concrete in our cities, resident bugs, squirrels and even birds can struggle to find a peaceful place to nest. This isn’t just unfavourable for the local wildlife, but it’s bad for us, too! Activities like bird watching can help us destress. Plus, hearing the birds chirping can help you unwind and relax when you’re dining on the patio after work. 

That’s why another great way to improve your garden is to welcome the local wildlife. By doing things like installing a few bird feeders, setting up a bug hotel and planting bee-friendly flowers, you can create a haven for both you and your woodland friends.

6. Add Hanging Baskets

As we’ve already mentioned, flowers can go a long way in improving your gardens’ aesthetic. But we know some gardens just don’t have the floor space for positioning large pots or flower beds. 

A great solution is to hang a few flower baskets instead. By adding one or two bouquets to your shed, fence or back of the house, you can create an eye-level focal point that can be enjoyed all year round. Plus, these hanging baskets will maximise your floor space and can even make your garden appear bigger. 

7. Get Creative With a Trellis

Installing a wooden trellis in your garden is an easy, universal way to boost its aesthetic appeal. They look great on their own and are even more striking when fashioned with climbing Jasmine, Ivy or Clematis. One of the best, most common places to install a trellis is along your fence. It can beautify the wood and boost the overall greenery in your garden.

But what’s even better about a trellis is that you can get creative and use the wooden structures to design your own garden feature! For example, you can use a trellis to create an archway along your path, construct a private seating area at the back of your garden, or hide part of an undesirable area from view, like the entrance to a shed or a section for your bins.

8. Install a Water Feature

If you like reading outdoors in summer, there’s no better ambience than the sound of running water. If you have the space, installing a water feature or a pond can be one of the best ways to improve your garden this year. 

When you have a pond, you’ll be inviting even more wildlife to your garden, as fish, frogs and dragonflies will happily use the space. Plus, the moving water can relax you and can even help purify the surrounding air (source) – which is perfect if you suffer from hay fever in summer.


Another top way to improve your garden this summer is to accessorise what you already have! If you have garden furniture on your decking, add a few outdoor scatter cushions to bring the area to life. Or, if your shed looks plain and boring, consider pinning a garden mirror, a sign, or a wooden ladder to its exterior to make it look more fashionable. 

By adding a few rustic accessories to your garden, you can give your outdoor space the finishing touch it really needs!

10. Build a Veranda as an Undercover Seating Area

Perhaps one of the best ways to improve your garden this summer is to install an undercover seating area, like a veranda, awning or glass room. These stylish garden features provide an outdoor entertainment area that’s perfect for use during the day or night. Plus, they can even add value to your property! 

While it may seem like a lot of work, installing a remote-control awning, a glass veranda or a glass room is usually very quick, easy and cost-effective (compared with other home extensions). 

Learn more about getting a bespoke veranda for your garden here.

A modern glass veranda attached to the rear of a brick house with chairs inside


There are so many ways to improve your garden this summer to make it a more fun, peaceful and sociable space to spend your days. From installing a veranda to simply having a tidy up, we hope this article has given you enough ideas to take action and start enjoying your garden again!

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