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Cleaning your system

Though your product is built to last for years in an outdoor environment, the upmost care should still be used when cleaning it. In order to ensure no damage is incurred while cleaning your product, do not use any abrasive cleaning materials or chemicals and instead, opt for warm, soapy water. If you are going to use cleaning chemicals on your product, make sure to read the warning labels and understand that you use them at your own risk and depending on the chemical, you may void your warranty. Additionally, for all our products, do not use a pressure washer. Pressure washing (especially right after installation) will weaken or remove your sealant and will lead to leaking. Lastly, though our products are built to live outdoors, try to avoid getting water on any electrical components while washing it, particularly if those components are exposed.

Roofs, doors and walls

When it comes to your glass or polycarbonate roof, doors or walls, it’s important to understand the do’s and don’ts. Our glass roofing is laminated and our walls and doors are toughened glass. It’s important that you avoid chipping or cracking toughened glass as it likely to shatter; if you notice any damage of this nature, make sure you contact your project manager or seek a trusted professional. Laminated behaves differently but, remember, glass is glass and is always risk of smashing, so it’s important to take care of any damage early.

As for our polycarbonate range, they won’t shatter, but they have their wear and tear. Polycarbonate can collect dirt over time, so a nice soapy clean is advised every once in a while (just make sure not to pressure wash it).

Door tracking system

If you have a raised tracking system, ensure to treat it as trip hazard and make sure children are kept safe if playing around it. All our tracking systems, due to their nature, will collect dirt, debris and water over time. It is important that you clean your tracking system at least once a week or, at minimum, as and when required. If the doors are in constant use, any debris may become lodged under your doors and hinder their use. A hoover or leaf blower will be sufficient for most forms of debris and a good old fashioned broom will always come in handy for those hard shift items.

An important note to remember is that if you decide to get any groundworks done around your tracking system, you must leave the position of the tracking system undisturbed as any misalignment will also affect the ability of the doors to operate. Fleming Verandas is not liable for any work done by a third party and such work will breach your warranty.

LED lighting

Our LED bulbs are just as easy as any others to replace. Just remember, when working at heights, always use a free standing ladder and be mindful of your surroundings. If you are having any difficulty removing or replacing a bulb, please speak with your project manager or seek the advice of a trained professional. Only a qualified electrician should remove or work on the LED’s wiring. Any work done to the lighting or wiring by a third party not associated with Fleming Verandas will breach your warranty and Fleming Verandas are not liable for the resultant work. Regardless of the work undertaken, always ensure to turn off the power supply before touching or interacting with the lights.

Magnified glass radiation

Glass magnifies sunlight, so sitting underneath a glass roof that has direct sunlight passing through is not advised in certain weather conditions, unless you have blinds you can shut. With an open veranda, heat will be less of an issue, we advise not to look directly up at the sun through the glass panes. If you have a glass room with no blinds and the doors are shut, your veranda may act in similar ways to a greenhouse, so we advise opening your doors to increase ventilation and to be careful about any items (such as candles) and pets that are left or trapped in the veranda for an extended period of time.

Metal frames

Our veranda frames are made from powder-coated aluminium. The main concern with this material will be scratching, so be careful not to lean any heavy or abrasive items up against your veranda frames. Should any part of your veranda frame become scratched, make sure to reach out to your project manager as we are able to offer you a touch up spray, for a cost, that will cover up most low line scratches. Should your frame become dented in any grievous way, get in touch with our team immediately as the structural integrity of your veranda will be at risk and repair work will need to be carried out. Again, this type of repair will not be covered under your warranty.

What to know about Weinor awnings

Awnings are amazingly resilient and can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round, but there’s a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your awning to have a long life. Awnings are designed for protection from the Sun; make sure never to operate your awning when there is snowfall or frost. You should also make sure never to operate the device during heavy rainfall and only use it in moderate rainfall if it has the appropriate level of gradient to prevent water from pooling. If you opted for automatic wind detection sensors, you should still be mindful not to open your awning in strong or extreme winds.

Ensure that only Weinor approved vendors perform any work or repairs on the device (doing so without Weinor’s permission will void your warranty). Also, be sure to clean your awning regularly and never hang anything from the awning’s arms or place anything so as to obstruct the awning from opening and closing.

Enjoying your space safely

It’s hard to go wrong with a veranda or awning, but there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to avoid any potential unwanted accidents. Always keep in mind that your products are made of metal (and in the case of most verandas, glass too) and so can be a hazard if you are not mindful.

Never start a fire under your product, especially a charcoal fire and most definitely not if you purchased a glass room as the smoke may accumulate. Be careful if you are running in or near a veranda (particularly one with glass walls and/ or doors) as you may incur injury. If you would like to child-proof your veranda, we offer Velcro pads that can placed around the frame legs and safety stickers for glass are available online.

If you have an awning, always make sure that the appropriate amount room for the device to open is allowed as there is a danger of people being crushed. Also ensure to never try and repair the awning yourself, as there is a danger of electric shock. The same thing should be kept in mind for the devices upkeep; always turn off the power supply before attempting to clean your awning.