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Fleming Verandas – Glass rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

We recently sat down with Eldon, owner of Rudge Heath General Stores, and asked him about his experience with Fleming Verandas. You can watch the full interview here.

Commercial veranda on store front

How did you hear about Fleming Verandas?

It was recommended by my carpenter, Andy, who lives in Tettenhall and obviously he had seen your article in, I think it was a Tettenhall magazine and pointed it out and just said they look like a really good company. So I looked at your brochure, went on the internet, and seen that you had great reviews off other people and stuff like that, so obviously I gave Paul a ring and you guys came down and the rest was history.

What was the process like?

Excellent, very good from start to finish. Paul made me feel very comfortable going through all the procedure. Obviously with COVID and one thing and another and different things, I felt very comfortable, very relaxed. Obviously, Paul sent all the drawings, everything came through, pleased with it, and let’s just say the work’s been done and it’s being exceptional.

Has it made a difference to you?

Massively, definitely, I mean obviously because of COVID we have to keep the doors open. Previously in the old shop with the door open, you’d have all the rain coming in, all the wet coming in. We needed to have a service station out there so it’s been a fantastic function for that and aesthetically it looks great as well. But it does a fantastic job, it keeps all the stock dry, it keeps the customers dry, it keeps the shop dry so massively fantastic.

Why did you want a veranda?

This definitely, I mean it’s great. The shop had been built 12 months ago and I wanted something like added on a veranda that didn’t look like it was an add-on and it hasn’t looked like an add-on. People have recognized it, which was a great idea. I just wanted it to blend in lovely with the rest of the shop which it has done, you know? I definitely recommend anybody to have one for site that colour because it’s just a fabulous colour.

Would you get one at home?

Oh yes, definitely so, 100%; really impressed with the design of it. Where the water flows; it’s a clever thing where the water is connected through on the top and it goes through a nice little sort of like shunt at the bottom as it drains so it’s I love them, they are fantastic. I think we’d had that part fitted and because I have been so impressed with it and it looks so smart and just complements the rest of the shop, we are having it now continued all the way around the shop which is obviously going to make the shop look a lot better, a lot drier, you know with the elements that we are having to fight as well as protecting customers, protecting the stock, it’s also protecting the shop and people aren’t walking in snow, grits, you name it, it’s fantastic. It’s excellent for commercial businesses as well as for private individuals.

To enquire about a veranda for your business, book an appointment to meet one of our experts here.

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