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Fleming Verandas – Glass rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

Many of us live in a time where our day to day lives don’t quite give us the down time we need.

Why not help ourselves and the wildlife around us?

Bird watching can really help you as a family destress and spend quality time together.

There are many different bird watching games that can be played as a family. Such as bird bingo, so get the dabbers at the ready and get watching!

If you cannot create your own, bird bingo sites like or can provide them for free!

Items such as bird baths, feeding stations and suet blocks can really entice the animals into your gardens.

Bird watching can also be extremely educational for anybody. Why not play our famous bird facts game? Study the nature around you and the first family member to find 5 facts about this bird wins.

Find out fun facts like a bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute while resting and up to 1000 beats per minute while flying

With the cold winters round the corner, it is vital we help the wildlife and nature around us survive, simply putting bird seed out can provide a healthy, yummy and nutritious meal to our two-winged neighbors.


For more ways you can help the wildlife in your garden, check out what our partners at the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust have written about wildlife gardening. At Fleming Verandas, we are passionate about all things outdoors; learn what we do to help protect our local wildlife by clicking here.

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