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Fleming Verandas – Glass rooms, Verandas and Awnings  

Summer is here and as the days are getting warmer, now is the perfect time to make the most of your outdoor living space! Here are ten top ways to help you make the most of your garden this summer.


Getting in touch with the earth is a profound way for increasing well-being and strengthening one’s relationship with nature. Try growing your own produce (win-win!) along with planting flowers for the bees to thrive.

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What better way to socialise with friends and family on a hot sunny day in the UK. However, we all know the unpredictability of British weather, so maybe consider installing a veranda to ensure you can barbeque rain or shine. That’s what Eva from Telford did and it’s completely transformed how she entertains her friends and family.

Hot tub

Amazing if you can afford it but, if not, just get the paddling pool out!


Get your rowing machine or stationary bike in the garden (under a veranda!) and enjoy the fresh air whilst doing cardio. It beats doing it indoors at home or in the gym.

Viewing morning might

Dr Andrew Huberman, neurobiology professor at Stanford School of Medicine, says viewing morning sunlight daily on a regular basis for 10-30mins (shorter on bright days, and longer on cloudy days—that’s right UK!) is one of the best science-based tools for sleeping better, and feeling more alert/focused throughout the day.

Mindfulness meditation

Practice mindfulness of sounds by paying attention to what you hear — a plane echoing in the distance or birds singing nearby. Whatever the sound, pay mindful attention to it, let it go, and move onto the next sound. Blissful.

Mindfulness meditation - flemingverandas.com


Stretch out and enjoy the fresh air. Yoga can improve both mental and physical health through stress reduction. More and more scientific research is saying so.


For those in the UK, vitamin D is more important than ever. Get your fix safely when the sun is out, then relax in the shade.


Take your relationship with nature to the next level and see which bird species you recognise or not—it’s a great learning process. Put a bird feeder out and see how grateful the sparrows and robins (and maybe even squirrels!) are.

Birdwatching - flemingverandas.com

Relaxing under a Veranda

Of course, when you just want to chill out, sitting under a glass veranda is perfect. Many of the joyful activities already mentioned can be done in the comfort of your veranda as well.

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